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a[LIVE] started as a late dinner conversation between 3 of us. This soon grew to 4 and then back to 2. We had a start-up and pack-up in less than 3 months. Yea almost... We continue with this dream, now as a team of 2. So what is this dream ? 

FACT >  The live performance industry is controlled by big record labels, large event managers and features pro artists. There are quite a few streaming and review products on the market - however they don’t cater to the “LIVE” experience. Only 0.2% of the Artists are considered megastars. 90.7% of talented artists go unrecognised. 

OUR DREAM > Our product is aimed at providing an opportunity for the 90.7% Art[ists] that cater to Live audiences[Users], by giving providing them the opportunity to perform at Gigs[Venues + Users] & shape their careers monetarily and strategically. 


a[LIVE] connects you to performances in real time; allows you to Select gigs, based on a preview of real-time performances and facilitates memorable Experiences. 

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We're working round-the-clock to get this project off the Ground ! However we do try to take it easy on a Sunday. 

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