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Democratization of Performance Art[ists]


Your choice of Artist. Genre. Gig. a[LIVE] gives you the power of CHOICE that is yet not possible

Your choice of Artist. Genre. Gig. a[LIVE] gives you the power of CHOICE that is yet not possible. a[LIVE] is powered by the vision to provide on-demand-access to the community and a determination to make performance Art(ists) accessible and sustainable. 



a[LIVE] aims to providing the best event in your area, driven by your choice. Enjoy the Experience of your Chosen Gig and tell us and the world about it.  Rate your experience at the Gig and stay tuned for more 



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A bit of what our Key Stakeholders are saying..

Jared Cotton - NJ, USA [Beta User]

"If I know that the money and time I am about to spend to get to the venue will result in a guaranteed good time - a[LIVE] is indeed a problem solver"

Fadil Cantave - Boston, USA - [Beta Artist & Beta User]

"I'd use a[LIVE] frequently if it was essentially like Tinder (whats hot!) on the Gig scene" 

Tim Stiefler - NY, USA - [Beta User]

"The yelp of live music is interesting because I’m curious how good a band I like is live. It’s also a fun activity for a date and it’s useful to know what’s going on using a map. So I can pick based on proximity and sound" 

Lauren Yanilos - NY, USA - [Beta User]

"It’s brilliant !! I know a lot of artists who are making great music but don’t really have the skills to market themselves or spread the word"

Shramit Shetty - Mumbai, IND - [Beta Venue]

"I've tried a product that was aimed at increasing footfalls in my pubs Stables(Mumbai) & Rodeo (Mumbai) with no success. The Idea of a Live Snippet as presented by a[LIVE] helps in better curation of the crowd and Artist"

Ray Noya - Amsterdam, NL - [Beta Artist]

"Sounds very interesting for me and my Venue. Would love to give it a try and get some of my DJ friends along"